domingo, 7 de febrero de 2016

Tumblr and the re-glorification of the white woman

(Before you start reading this article, I want to clarify that I’m aware of the thousands of amazing feminist Tumblr blogs doing an amazing work in order to end body-shaming and the exclusion of POC girls. However, these are not the blogs I want to talk about, and you’ll find out what kind of aesthetic and blog I’m referring to soon).

Ever since Tumblr came out as the new big thing, it made a name as a gathering point for girls – mainly teenagers – who didn’t seem to fit the accepted canon of beauty. Girls who were not interested in mainstream culture and whose appearance wasn’t reflected on beauty magazines. Not only that, but it also organized all those girls into categories, bringing out labels such as ‘hipster’ and ‘alternative’, so the girls who never seemed to fit a determinate style would now be able to. But I begin to wonder, has tumblr actually made such a big contribution to the end of stereotypes? Is tumblr actually such a wonderland? Has tumblr actually managed to destroy the beauty canon, or at least widen it, as we’re so often made believe?

As I didn’t want to get all judgmental without making further research, I tried something simple. Very, very simple, indeed. What’s better to recognize a stereotype than Google Images? So here’s what I typed: tumblr girl, tumblr hipster girl, tumblr alternative girl. And you want to know what I saw? Here’s what I saw: I saw white girls wearing beanies, white girls with colorful hair, white girls with piercings and tattoos, white girls wearing ‘alternative’ clothes… white girls white girls white girls white girls. 

And I'll tell you what's wrong about that.

Being a tumblr user myself, I’ve always been made believed that the website was somewhat of a refuge from mainstream fashion and beauty standards. I’ve never even questioned the fact that tumblr meant variety until now. However, by connecting tumblr to the concept of variety, we’re actually ending up on the same narrow-minded loop. Now talking as a Latina, even though I'm light-skinned, it's still frustrating to think of how I never see a POC girl included in beauty standards, how we can never truly relate to the beauty or fashion world, even when it claims to embrace diversity. And I wonder why we're given the hopes of being included in a website acclaimed for not being 'discriminatory' when we end up seeing the same beauty ideal of everyday: the girl I see on tumblr pictures is just a renewed version of the girl I see on magazines. 

White girls with colorful hair, piercings and tattoos might not be what we’re used to see on the mainstream media and press or on our everyday lives, but it’s still too far from what we could fairly call ‘variety’. The problem with the concept ‘tumblr girl’ is that she never turned out to be a black girl, a Latina, an Asian… The 'tumblr girl' is, at the end of the day, a white, western girl. Nothing but a 'new' concept that widens the possibilities of aesthetics for white girls, bringing them to light as something trendy, different, creative (it is undeniable that the mainstream world has, some years after the big explosion of tumblr, appealed to that as a source of inspiration, whether it comes as fashion trends or in any other shape), while POC girls are still not included, misleading us to be impressed by a so-called diversity which is nothing but a new version of the same old status-quo.

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016

Stay awake

I’m learning that dedication is the biggest - and maybe even the most meaningful - quality I can aspire to.
I’m learning that nothing can compare to the feeling of passion that's able to orientate life, a passion which is not understandable at ease, but only truly comprehensible and enjoyable when higher effort is required. The fact I take the trouble to feel sad or be hurt by something means that I care, and it’s taken me a long time to be able to understand this. But the most important thing I’m learning (and I’m still learning it) is that the most important person when it comes to the personal way of experiencing dedication is myself. Learning to rely on myself, and most of the times, only myself, is also the hardest thing along this way, maybe because people have these fixed ideas of happiness and can’t seem to understand when you happen to want or enjoy something they don’t or because you’re constantly reminded that you can’t do something, as it’s so easy for everyone to forget how frustrating  it is to feel the impotence of wanting to do something which is not easy for you.

But I'm also finding out that there are certain things I do want to do, even if they only make sense for me at the moment, even if I will have to be mainly on my own.

Curse the things that made me sad for so longYeah it hurts to think that they can still go onI'm happy now, are you happy now?Spoke out the things that you've worked out to be wrongYou got two hands to take all you can, but don't take too longTo be happy somehow, are you happy now?Figured out I'm goodTurn me down like I knew I shouldPunch drunk, dumb struck, pot luck happy happyDon't chicken out, it's all goodYou're allowed to be what you could.Punch drunk, dumb struck, pot luck happy happy

sábado, 23 de enero de 2016

'Finding Home' for Rookie Mag

This Thursday my photos were published on Rookie Mag, you can see the full post here.
These photos were shot during my trip to my birth place, La Paz, Bolivia. Being able to fill the emptiness of leaving Bolivia by creating new memories made me feel like I was discovering a part of me that had been hidden during all these years. Out of the many things I’ve learned in this weekend-long trip to La Paz, the most important one was that loving the place and the culture I come from means loving myself. And right now, I’m deeply, madly in love.

viernes, 1 de enero de 2016

It's 2016 and I'm still bad at writing titles


Happy new year!
I'm not good with words, either, so let's leave the hard work to the pictures.

A resume of all the selfies I took this year.


I began the year in my favourite place ever: Lima.

I became 16 with the best people by my side:

(It's 2016 and I still don't know what's that black thing on my face)


The three pics above were taken by Inés v.b.

We went to Swim Deep's gig in Madrid - and met them:

JUNE: exams, basically.


The last pic was taken by Sandra and the rest by me.

Wolf Alice Wolf Alice Wolf Alice.



My beautiful birthplace: La Paz.

France and my beautiful sister Lucía.


Dcode Fest:

St James' Path:


NOVEMBER: Exams, basically.



My legs ft double exposure me drinking sunny.

Pics by Alba.

Thanks to everyone who was part of my life this year, let's hope 2016 is a good one <3 <3 <3