miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

Heartbreak Nation Zine

After a long time of thinking whether I should create my own zine or not, I finally took the step forward and created Heartbreak Nation, a zine which will come out twice or three times a year, it will include visual and written work about different themes, focusing especially on the life of teenagers of different ages and countries.
I'd LOVE you guys to submit, so hey, feel free to do it! These months we are asking for submissions on the theme FANTASY, there's no deadline by now because I suck at planning things and dates, so you have plenty of time to submit. You'll find the instructions on how to submit on the tumblr of the zine: www.heartbreaknationzine.tumblr.com

sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

It's just you and I tonight, why don't you figure my heart out?

Sorry for the delay with this post, which is from last thursday, when I went shopping with my older sister.

When I took these pictures my hair was still wet so sorry because it actually looks horrible here.
Blouse: from a street market Shorts: from a Peruvian brand called D.A.G Shoes: from a Street market as well Earrings: Parfois Bag: from an Indian store in the center of the town.
These are the things I bought:
Jacket: Zara Shirt: thirfted T-shirt: Zara (1 Euro!! I'm so prouddddddd)


When I got back home I was feeling super summer-y, and I felt like looking at all the things which reminded me of summer and just feeling happy, excited and a bit nostalgic. I like to keep some things just because they remind me of certain moments, people or places. I made this moodboard to explain how I was feeling and the things that were going on inside of my mind.

1. Floral crown my sister got at some party and then gave me 2. Constellation Map my dad bought at some moment in the 90s 3. Thirfted sunglasses 4. Shell necklace bought at a Spanish village 5. Flute bought in Peru 6. Old botanical book 7. Summer Nostalgia playlist by me 6. Brazilian minerals 7. Virgin of Guadalupe 8. Gem necklaces 9. Mood ring from Greenwich 10. Candle from the 1$ shop 11. Gem bracelet my mother gave me 12. Colourful bracelet from a Peruvian store called Do It! 13. Shell necklace bought at the beach in Brazil.

Constellation Kaleidoscope and mood ring (I put it under water so you can see how the colour changes)

My mum's botanical book.


miércoles, 16 de julio de 2014

Tangerine, Living reflection from a dream


Part of a text I wrote at a sad moment called 'Sometimes we just want' and The 1975's Robbers lyrics with a picture of  Sao Paulo.

Tickets and pamphlets from the museum of archeology.

My friends love One Direction and at some moment this summer I ended up with a 1D tattoo. Not sure if I regret it.

Collage about summer.

'Sometimes we just want to yell at those who make us mute'

miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

Happiness hit her like a train on a track

♡ Saturday: Rookie meet up 

Last Saturday we organised a Rookie meet up to have lunch in a picnic in the park, it was amazing to see the girls again since I haven't seen most of them since October, I guess?? I don't have proper pictures because I forgot to take a camera, so here are some pics from my friend's instagram and also mine.

Both pictures above are from Sara's instagram.

Rookie selfieeeeeeee

AZ from Tanto A Como Z brought copies of her zine (which is ULTRA cool) and signed them for us <33


Shirt: Primark / Overall: H&M / Shoes: Doc Marten look-a-like (ahah) from a shoe shop in Fuencarral / Bag: bought in Peru.

♡ Sunday: Bowling 

The bowling alley is definitely one of my favourite places on earth. I suck at bowling so it's mainly about the aesthetics for me. I scored 8 points while my sister scored 54 and that says everything about my talent for this game, but it's about how I feel each time I go bowling, with the lights and everything, it makes me think I'm in a retro movie, and makes me wish I was wearing a baseball jacket and drinking milkshakes with boys with quiffs and girls with beehives *daydreaming*

♡ Other Updates 

I've finished watching Skins' second generation! Season four has probably been the most intense season of this series so far, and ughhh why do they have to kill every single character I like? I'm in a love-hate relationship with almost every character in this generation. Except JJ, that's only love. Also, the soundtrack is like the best thing ever? So, so, so good, actually.

This is my favourite 'soundtrack' scene.

Issue 4 of Cherry Mag is out, featuring my pictures on 'A Trip to Machu Picchu' on page 41, and on the cover! Click here to see the zine.

Thanks for reading,

domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

Intergalactic, baby

Just a bit of inspiration. 
I've had this post as a draft for a long, long time and I just lost the sources, heh... sorry (i'm a disaster, I know), but I guess you can find them on my tumblr 'cause they're all pictures I have reblogged.