miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Yesterday, and thanks to Inés and Ame from September Issues, I got to go to Madrid's Fashion Week to see a catwalk by two designers, Victor von Schwarz and Satu Maaranen. Both of them were a total dream, but I liked Satu Maaranen's collection a bit more because it pictured perfectly everything that has been going on my mind this summer when it comes to clothing: the connection between fashion and nature.
Inés and me.
I was feeling really inspired by vintage fashion, so I decided to wear a second-hand blouse with lace at the top and at the bottom of it, it also has some pearl buttons, which are the loveliest thing; black polka dot shorts from Mango that I borrowed from my older sister, a black biker jacket from Avant Première, and red shoes and a black, small bag, both of them were from my mother, which made me feel like that made them look better with the outfit, for some reason. My jewellery consisted on small pearl earrings and this choker from a street market.
I'm also becoming really interested in make-up. There's actually a story behind this new obsession, I used to wear basic make-up every day, but then this summer I realized if I didn't wear make up, I felt worse than when I wore it, and honestly, I think it really sucks to depend on something such as make-up. So I decided to quit make-up entirely for some time so that I could start to feel better with myself again. I basically stayed make-up free for a bit more than a month, and promised myself that I'd only wear make-up on special occasions, or when I'm hanging out and I feel like wearing a bit of it. I totally removed eye concealer and mascara from my routine. Since then, I have started to see make-up from a different perspective, I enjoy it a lot more now, like I feel that I can go a bit crazier with it and try new things. So to match my vintage look: black cat-eye with light brown eye shadow, black mascara, dark red lipstick and glitter eye-liner.
Thanks to Ame and Inés for taking the pictures above.

Esther, Sara, Inés, Ame. 



Sara and Esther.


You can see all these in my flickr too.
I'm making a short video with some parts of the catwalk, and I hope to finish it and be able to publish it soon. So stay tunned!

I can't understand why I love every single independent band from Costa Rica, I just do. This song is from a band called Los Waldners, they make a different kind of pop, and I definitely think you should listen to some of their songs.

jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

School is a battlefield for your heart

So that's what's up, everybody, routine's back. 

Doodles and short poems by me.

Tickets from the top to the bottom: Short Term 12, a Led Zep pullover I bought, the Thyssen Museum for the POP exhibition.

This drawing was inspired by this design by Brandy & Melville (which I wanted but hadn't enough money to buy)

Recently I went to the Romanticism Museum and it was BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. Sorry for the bad quality of these pictures, I hope I can come back to take better ones in the future:

I've been listening to a lot of indie bands from Brazil lately, and I really like them. This song is from a band called Vanguart, whose lyrics are flawless. I'm sorry if you can't understand what they're saying, but I hope you enjoy it:

xx Inés